Superb business training, intelligently delivered with business in mind

We never, ever churn out 'off the shelf' stuff. All our business training is created with your needs in mind, designed to suit the culture and feel of the business you are in. One size definitely doesn't fit all!

Why? Because that's the only way to get genuinely good results. No corners are cut. And no short cuts taken. Every business is unique, and yours deserves a unique solution. Here's a list of M.A.D business training subjects:

M.A.D about selling - Superb Sales Training

Selling Skills:
Make a Difference to your sales
Add real value
Do the deal

Effective Telephone Sales:
Maximise opportunities
Apply tried and tested techniques
Deal with objections

Customer Care:
Meet the needs
Assume nothing
Delight your customer

M.A.D about management - Excellent Management Training

Sales Management:
Manage in and around your team
Achieve phenominal sales
Drive winning sales people

Recruitment and Interviewing:
Market the position
Assess the candidate
Dynamic interview

Time Management:
Make your goals SMART
Are you in control?
Define your priorities

Performance Management:
Measure performance
Agree objectives
Develop your people

Managing Meetings:
Make an impact
Audience awareness
Deliver the message

Presenting with Impact:
Make time to prepare
Agree the 5 Ps
Dynamic delivery

Team Building:
Multiple behaviours
Accountability within the team
Demonstrate effectiveness

Change Management:
Map the change
Anticipate effects
Develop communication channels

Team Leadership:
Motivation methods
Achieve results
Discover talent

Manage the process
Appraise with confidence
Decide on the outcome

Monitor performance
Agree the outcomes
Differentiate between coach and tell

Means of communicating
Adopt a 'can do ' approach
Deliver clarity

MAD about your business - Training and Development

Train the Trainer:
Methods of delivery
Appeal to preferred learning styles
Demonstrate key training methods

Negotiation Skills:
Meet in the middle
Arrive at win win
Determine the persuaders

Motivation and Persuasion:
Motivational hygiene factors
Assess your style
Deliver outstanding results

Induction Programme:
Manage expectations Achieve clarity Define roles and responsibilities

Thomas DISC Personality Profiling:
Manage recruitment and progression Ascertain key skills and behaviours Define best fit
Take the first step towards success

If you're ready to take the next big step towards a brighter future, contact M.A.D for an informal discussion. We'll be delighted to get involved in making your business a huge success.

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If you're ready to take the next big step towards a brighter future