A hint of M.A.Dness

"M.A.D's mix of empathy and discipline has stood them in very good stead in terms of achieving results. And ensuring a very motivated team! "

So who are we? And what is M.A.D about? Over the years we've worked across a wide range of disciplines. And because we've walked in the shoes of end users and customers alike, we have a genuine empathy for the needs of both.

M.A.D is about much more than excellent business training. We're committed to digging deeper and further to identify the real issues and barriers to success. Then we deploy tailored solutions to bring about fast, effective, positive change. Fantastic!

Be the best you can. It's mad not to!

We don't just educate, we inspire people. We don't just inform, we get properly involved. We work with people. And we leave them with the knowledge, skills and behaviours they'll enjoy using for life.

This is M.A.Dness

  • Linda Ginger,
    M.A.D Director, has worked as a shop manager, training manager, regional manager and sales director. She's qualified in Thomas DISC a respected Psychometric Profiling System, - offering 360 feedback, Team profiling, job & personal profiling, a respected Profiling System, so she's excellent at identifying individuals' strengths and building on their existing talents. Our clients learn to view themselves positively, and quickly begin to develop their working potential. Linda works with people to get motivated, energised and excited about their role.

  • Angie Hutchinson,
    Angie is a successful training consultant with a proven track record in all aspects of training and development. She has more than 30 years' experience working with some of Britain's biggest and best breweries and pub companies. Angie has extensive training experience and her teaching qualifications help her inspire and motivate people at every level. Her role? To support and develop the growth of business talent. She believes passionately in affordable training solutions and down to earth advice, specialising in all aspects of hospitality, licensing and food hygiene.

  • Bernie Price,
    Bernie is an expert in People Strategy. She uses her considerable skills to improve businesses' organisation, culture and climate. How? Through bespoke, innovative and creative employee interventions that are carefully designed to win hearts and minds. Bernie helps staff align to their brand seamlessly, buy into company values with enthusiasm and invest genuine effort in customer service propositions. The result is better employee engagement, a positive mindset and deep, sustainable change. She specialises in mergers and acquisitions, coaching and mentoring.

  • Sarah Garland,
    Sarah has more than a decade's experience as a Recruitment Manager for one of the UK's biggest transport companies. She has been closely involved in building competency based assessments and recruitment strategies, leading projects that include the intelligent use of reward and recognition as well as smooth succession planning. An Associate of the CIPD and registered with the British Psychological Society, Sarah has recently set up her own recruitment and selection company specialising in employment law, policies and processes. She also delivers powerful business-led training workshops.

  • Lucy Hamer,
    Lucy is a seasoned and successful Training Manager. Key experience includes developing a hard hitting Senior Management team on behalf of a leading international travel and leisure group. The project required highly effective integral training and communication skills as well as the maturity to influence people at all levels within a fast-changing environment. Most recently Lucy has been busy developing a youth project designed to help young people excluded from school to regain their self esteem, rediscover their self worth and rejoin the education system.

  • Lesley Campbell ,
    Lesley is an accomplished Management and Training Consultant, totally committed to delivering excellent customer service and making a genuine difference. She has extensive expertise in people management, facilitation, leadership and team development. She is practised in bringing about smooth culture change and successful transformation management. And she specialises in one to one business and life coaching. Lesley enjoys positive long term relationships in the automotive, oil and gas industries including giants Sodexho, Ford, Mercedes Benz and Land Rover.


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