Is it mad to want success? No!

"M.A.D's people have a deep insight into what makes others tick"
We improve business productivity, performance and profit We love success. We've been M.A.D about it since 2003. The M.A.D Training Company delivers powerful consultancy services and business training solutions designed to propel people - and the businesses they work for - right to the top of their game.

  • Highly effective Learning & development
  • Superb business training and development
  • Excellent management training
  • Powerful sales training
  • Successful customer service training

We don't just make a difference - We make a BIG difference

All good learning and development makes a difference. But M.A.D's full consultancy service makes a really big difference.

How? We don't just assume we know what you need. We come in, meet you and get to know your needs for ourselves.

That way we identify core issues, gaps and show stoppers up front. Which means we can then establish exactly what is needed to bring about the biggest improvements in people, productivity and profit.

A fresh outside view delivers vital insights

Its sometimes a challenge to see the wood for the trees.

Now and again we're called in to deliver a business training programme, only to discover that what's really needed is quite different. That's what comes of having a fresh perspective. And a wealth of experience about what individuals need to fulfil their full potential.

Great training isn't madness. And it's not magic... but, done right, it will deliver huge benefits.

Take the first step towards success

If you're raring to go and keen take the next big step, contact M.A.D for an informal discussion. We'll be delighted to help you and your people grow your business.

Linda Ginger

Who We Are

Over the years we've worked across a wide range of disciplines. And because we've walked in the shoes of end users and customers alike, we have a genuine empathy for the needs of both.



Before you even think about booking business training, try our consultancy services first.



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