Posted October 2020

Recruiting the right candidate can be extremely difficult, ensuring the candidate is the right fit for the organisations culture, values & behaviours should be a very well thought through process.

Often, we find ourselves with a vacancy and a desire to fill it as quickly as possible “time is money” I have said it myself, many years ago, when first appointed as a manager. Therefore, I made a quick decision on someone who had a few skills, in reality they were a million miles off what I needed.

After a huge amount of time invested in induction, training & coaching I found myself frustrated with the performance of the individual, rather than looking at myself and realising I needed to up my game when it comes to the selection process.

The questions I now ask myself are.

  • Do I have an up to date job description?
  • Do I have a person specification?
  • Am I clear on the values & behaviours that are needed for the role?
  • Will the interview be well structured?
  • Does the interview allow for the candidate to express their skills full?
  • Will my questions allow me to fully understand if the person matches the job description?
  • Do I have a thorough induction plan?
  • Am I committed to regular 1:1 discussions?
  • Are their targets & how they will be measured clear?
  • Will I dedicate time to encourage achievement and reward the right behaviours?

The time invested in people has enabled me to improve retention and bring out the very best in people, in the long run I have saved time and got off the hire to fire rollercoaster.